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Biography of Ducky Bhai

Ducky Bhai Biography

Bio & Physical Stats/ Personal Life

Full NameSaad ur Rehman
Nick NameDucky Bhai
  • YouTuber
  • Vlogger
  • Comedian
  • Roaster
  • Online Gamer
Date of Birth (2024)Dec 21, 1997
Age26 Years
Height (approx.)
  • 5 feet 6 inches
Weight (approx.)77 kg
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
BirthplaceBahria Town Lahore, Pakistan
Zodiac SignSagittarius
HometownBahria Town
School / CollegeBahria Town High School / Concept University in Lahore
Father’s NameZulfiqar Habib
Mother’s NameN/A
Marital StatusMarried
Wife & GirlfriendAroob Jatoi
Friends NameRahim Perdasi, Romaisa Khan, Maaz Safdar
Favorite FoodAndy Wala Burger, Eggs Burger
HobbiesPlaying Games, Eating, Sleeping Only and Going out of Country
AwardsWon Pisa Award and Youtube was also given Youtube Play Buttons
Instagram Followers2.3M+ Followers
Youtube Channel Subscribers(Ducky Bhai)6.61M
Second Channel Subscribers(Ducky Extra)1.93M
Twitter Followers174.1k
Facebook Page Follwers1.5MFollowers
Famous forFamous for his Roasting/Trolling and Vlogging

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Biography of Ducky Bhai

He is a Pakistani famous Comedian YouTuber who was born in Lahore, Pakistan , December 21, 1997. His recent age is 26. His real name is Saad ur Rehman. Saad is famous for laughing at other YouTubers, TikTokers, and celebrities. He is a Pakistani YouTuber. Saad and his family live in Lahore, India. Saad’s family moved to Japan when he was three years old. His father was a Ph.D.-holding Japanese computer scientist. His family moved to Pakistan when he was eleven years old. His father’s name is Pro Dr.Zulfiqar Habib and his mother’s name is Salma. 

Favourite of Ducky Bhai

Ducky Bhai has shared some of his favourite things during the interviews as he talks about his favourite food is eggs burger, favourite colour is black, favourite drink is Black Coffee, favourite game is Fortnight, and favourite hobbies are vlogging, eating, sleeping and playing games. 

Early Life and Background

He born into an ordinary family, his early years provided little indication of the digital stardom that he was awaiting . Developing, he navigated the challenges of adolescence while harboring a keen interest in the emerging world of online content creation. He is a popular Pakistani YouTuber, Vlogger, Comedian, and online Gaming Player for his roasting and trolling in his comedy content

YouTube Career

Ducky bhai started his YouTube channel in 2015 and has since gained a large following, with his videos accumulating millions of views. In 2017, Saad started his career through his YouTube account. His on YouTube channel, he used to post games and roast videos. He was one of Pakistan’s huge YouTubers, with over 1 million subscribers. The channel receives an approximate  of 26.75 million views every month. He received the PISA Award for best YouTuber. Recently he has about 6.47 million subscribers. 

Rise to Fame on YouTube

The inception of the Ducky Bhai channel marked the beginning of a digital era. From humble beginnings to viral sensations, With an innate ability to capture the attention of viewers, his initial content resonated with audiences, leading to a surge in subscribers. The journey from a few views to viral sensations showcased the power of his unique approach to content creation.

Ducky Bhai Social Media Accounts

He is a talented and active Pakistani Comedian YouTuber celebrity thereby his Facebook and Instagram accounts have over a million followers. Aside from that, Saad has an official Instagram, Facebook and TikTok accounts where he shares new content to keep his millions of lovers updated. Moreover, he also has a Twitter account.

Controversies and High-Profile Feuds

No digital journey is complete without its fair share of controversies, and Ducky Bhai is no exception. Engaging in high-profile feuds and navigating headline-grabbing controversies, he became a prominent figure in the online drama scene. These incidents, while tumultuous, played a crucial role in shaping his online persona.

Evolution of Content

As the digital landscape evolved, so did content.  From the starting  days characterised by a particular style to the current diversified content, his  beautiful talent  to stay relevant and engage audiences has been a key factor in sustaining his online presence.

Personal Life Insights

Behind the camera, glimpses into Ducky Bhai’s personal life added layers to his public image. The impact of online fame on his relationships and the challenges faced off-camera provided a more humanizing perspective, allowing audiences to connect with the person behind the content. Ducky is a young guy who generates money online and teaches others how to do the same. 

Achievements and Recognition

Celebrating milestones beyond the subscriber count, his journey includes industry recognition and accolades. From YouTube milestones to awards, his achievements underscore the impact he has had on the digital entertainment sphere. Saad received the Pisa Award for Top Youtuber in 2020.

Ducky Bhai’s Wife

Ducky Bhai’s Wife

Aroob Jatoi is a Pakistani content creator and social media personality who is engaged to Ducky bhai 12 April 2022, and got married in January 2023. Aroob Jatoi is the name of Saad’s spouse.  Aroob Jatoi has her own YouTube channel and is known for creating content related to lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. Both ducky bhai and Aroob have a large following on their respective YouTube channels and are well-known in the Pakistani online community. 

Business Ventures and Entrepreneurial Pursuits

Venturing beyond the confines of YouTube, Ducky Bhai explored entrepreneurial pursuits. This diversification showcased a strategic approach to his career, expanding his influence beyond the realms of online content creation.

Fan Base and Community Influence

Central to Ducky Bhai’s journey is his connection with fans. The symbiotic relationship with his audience and the influence he wields within the online community contribute to the dynamic nature of his digital presence.

Future Prospects

As the world awaits the next chapter in his journey, this section speculates on future projects and anticipations from his ever-loyal fanbase.

Exclusive Interviews and Quotes

In his own words, he shares exclusive insights and poignant quotes on life, success, and navigating the tumultuous world of online fame.

Impact on the Entertainment Industry

Beyond individual success, his influence extends to the broader entertainment industry. His effect on content creation and cultural legacy has left an enduring imprint on the evolving landscape of digital entertainment. As we unravel the chapters of his lives, it becomes evident that his digital odyssey is not just a personal story but a cultural phenomenon that continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

He traversed through the highs and lows of a YouTube sensation. From controversies to achievements, his journey mirrors the dynamism of the online world. One thing is certain – Ducky Bhai’s impact on the digital landscape is indelible.


Ducky Bhai is a super popular person on YouTube and social media in Pakistan.

He is a Pakistani YouTube star, is well-known for his roasting and content creators .

He has 6.61 million subscribers in YouTube channel.